AUTOMA 2022, Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress

Oct 7, 2022 | News

The AUTOMA Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in the energy sector, this time listing over 170 companies and 65 top speakers.

It is a perfect arena for showcasing solutions and services in Oil & Gas, networking with industry leaders and learning about current automation and digitalization trends through real-world projects and technologies. This year’s congress is held in cooperation with Bonatti S.p.A.

Uninterrupted inspection at booth #61

Michael (Sales Engineer) and Eivind (Marketing Director) will be there to welcome you to booth #61 in the tech area. We’ll tell you all about the Scout 137 Drone System and the Scout Portal and how this can fit with your current inspection and maintenance process and give it a “digital nudge”.

Designing the Scout 137 Drone System, special care has been taken to build an industry-standard inspection tool especially suitable for long-haul work in inaccessible and hostile environments, while meeting industry needs for safety, efficiency and digitalization. It is a highly optimized system that allows continual focus on the job at hand and get the most out of the data acquisition.

✅Unlimited flight time for uninterrupted, stress-free inspections. No battery changes…

✅3D LiDAR for real-time situational awareness and location-tagged inspection data, essential for no man entry inspections

✅Obstacle detection, anti-collision and smart autonomy moves.

quadcopter drone with LED lights and Lidar sensor
The Scout 137 Drone
Complete, end-to-end data solution

The Scout Portal is the second main component of our solution. Together, the Scout 137 Drone System and the Scout Portal form a complete end-to-end data solution all the way from data acquisition to data review, annotation, analysis and reporting.

While the current norm would be to pull out the memory card from the drone once the flying is done, the Scout Portal offers so much more in terms of data security and backup, live collaboration and post-acquisition data processing tools.

✅Live streaming of video and 3D inspection data for remote participation in real time

✅Full inspection replay with interactive 3D point cloud, for focused integrity assessment and data annotation

✅Safe and scalable storage and backup, also accessible via API

Man looking at computer screen with 3D graphics
The Scout Portal is our online inspection data portal.

One-stop shop, updates included
All components of our system are built in-house and tailor-made for a tight fit and ease of use: Hardware, software and cloud service is a single-vendor, one-stop solution made in Norway. No integration or licensing of 3rd-party products and systems is necessary to complete the solution offering. This allows a closely integrated system with easy setup and fewer touch points for training, support and maintenance.

Want to come and see us? Come find our booth #61 in the Tech Area at the UNAHOTELS Expo Fiero Milano, October 17-18.👍

Event details

Date: Oct 17-18, 2022
Location: Milan, Italy
Venue: UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera, Milano, about 30 mins drive from Malpensa or Linate airports.
Click here for Exhibition hall floorplan, we’re at booth 61.

The 5th AUTOMA Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress is held at the UNAHOTELS Expo Fiera Milano

Exhibition hours:
Mon 17 Oct 09:00 – 18:05
Tue 18 Oct 09:30 – 17:35

There are lots of interesting presentations and demos – for more info, check out the program:
Click here for program.

See you there! 👍