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Scout Portal

The Scout Portal is a globally accessible cloud-based data management service for live-streaming, storage, and analysis of your inspection data.

Visual inspection data, accessible from anywhere

Global accessibility and security for your inspection data

The Scout Portal is hosted on an industry-standard cloud platform (Microsoft Azure) which means it is accessible anywhere and requires nothing but a browser and an internet connection to work. This strategy also comes with super-reliable availability and world-leading two-factor authentication. 

Plus, with a very large amount of online storage you no longer have to worry about safe storage and backup of your inspection data.

Live-streamed inspection

If the Scout 137 Drone System is connected to the internet, the inspection can be streamed live via the Scout Portal to allow remote participation for stakeholders and off-site team members to observe, advise and collaborate.

Of course, live-streamed inspection data from the Scout137 Drone is fully location-tagged, so that remote participants can enjoy the same Lidar-based situational awareness as the on-site crew: The Scout Portal session renders the 3D point cloud and allows the off-site participant to zoom, pan and rotate the view freely.


Quadcopter drone lowered into a dark hole
Scout Portal

Cross-functional team collaboration

Live streaming opens up a whole new dimension of cross-functional, distributed team collaboration and more efficient, data-based decision making. In many cases it will be crucial to ensure full data coverage, reduce time on-site, and avoid re-visits. Need a corrosion expert to sit in during the inspection? Yes, you can.

All your inspection data in one place

Live-streamed inspection data is automatically stored in the Scout Portal and it’s easy to upload full-res data after the inspection. You can also upload data from other sources such as digital cameras, mobile phones, ROVs and other drone systems.

This is a very handy  option for acquiring secondary footage from the inspection target, handheld from the on-site crew, additional outdoor footage and even underwater footage.

You can have everything related to the same inspection job organized side-by-side.



Data evaluation, annotation and reporting

All inspection data can make use of the tools available in the Scout Portal, which includes review, annotation and reporting and analysis tools.

You can evaluate data from all sources, add POIs and write annotations to them. The video timeline, point cloud and “edit findings” views allows a flexible workflow where you can access the same events in several ways, whether you choose to work chronologically along the or need to focus on specific locations inside the asset.

The Scout Portal will allow the use of Machine Learning (ML) to detect and classify anomalies, and has an API for data integration to existing data ecosystems like Asset Management Systems, digital twins etc.

The bottom line
The Scout Portal is your ticket to realizing a new level of efficient, data-driven decision-making for structural integrity management and predictive maintenance.

Quick video overview 

The Scout Portal is a globally accessible cloud-based data management service for live-streaming, storage, and analysis of your inspection data.

This 4-minute overview with voiceover takes you through the main data management and review functionality.

✅ Inspection view with overview of POIs and sessions
✅ Flagged and non-flagged POIs
✅ Session view, video timeline and point cloud
✅ POI markers, flight path and POI panel
✅ Edit POI, annotations and hi-res photo evaluation
✅ Workflow options
✅ Alternative data sources


Scout Portal summary of  benefits:

✅ Inspection live-streaming for remote participation
✅ Easy collaboration with off-site personnel
✅ Promotes efficient data-driven decision making
✅ Inspection data accessible from anywhere
✅ Upload data from any source
✅ Easy review and annotation of inspection findings
✅ Dynamic reports hyperlinked to Scout Portal
✅ Cloud data storage
✅ ML-based data analysis
✅ Data integration via API

Watch this 2-minute video for a quick for a quick introduction of the full system!

“ScoutDI is the most forward thinking drone technology company we have dealt with and we have a great dialogue with them regarding product development. They also have heavyweights such as DNV and Equinor standing behind them which put ScoutDI at the forefront of the industry”

Stein Hanssen

Senior Operations Coordinator

“The Scout 137 Drone System did a complete visual inspection of a tank on one of our FPSOs – avoiding use of climbers. We really like the way inspection data is geo-tagged and presented in the Scout Portal”

Halvard Benjaminsen

Senior Control & Automation Engineer

“We want to be less intrusive, so class is not driving inspection regime, but that we are fitting into the regime to cut costs and be more efficient, and at the same time have better quality. “

Are Torstensen

Director of Technology and Service Development

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