Fully Digitalized Asset Inspection

Unlimited flight time, superior image stability and enhanced inspection situational awareness. A tethered drone system designed for inspection of confined spaces and indoor industrial assets.

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ADIPEC 2023 – World’s largest energy event

2023 EDR Summit, Houston Tx

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October 3-6

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ICEM 2023 – Nuclear waste management and remediation

2023 EDR Summit, Houston Tx

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October 10-11

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SPRINT Robotics World Conference 

2023 EDR Summit, Houston Tx

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Scout 137 tethered inspection drone

An indoor inspection drone system for the bigger picture

The Scout 137 Drone System is an inspection drone system for safe inspection of indoor industrial assets. The 3D LiDAR-based navigation system (pat. pending) enables safe and stable inspection flights and superior, location-tagged visual data in GPS-denied environments.

The tether system provides stress-free inspections with unlimited flight time as well as a robust data link for live streaming of inspection data.

The Scout Portal is a powerful cloud-based inspection data tool for live-streaming, storage and sharing, review and analysis of your visual inspection data.

Acquisition to analysis: A complete inspection data value chain.

Location-tagged inspection data and live situational awareness

The drone pilot’s tablet displays a 3D point cloud map of the inspection target and provides position, heading and elevation data. Learn more.

Uninterrupted, stress-free inspections and on-site efficiency

No need for frustrating battery changes.: The tether provides power, controls and a robust data connection to the drone. Learn more.

Cloud service for data management and live inspection streaming

The Scout Portal is our inspection data management service. Enjoy live streaming, full replays and easy reporting. Learn more.

Integrate inspection data with your existing ecosystem via API

Integrate inspection data with your current asset management system or digital twins for complete overview and availability. Learn more.

“ScoutDI is the most forward thinking drone technology company we have dealt with and we have a great dialogue with them regarding product development. They also have heavyweights such as DNV and Equinor standing behind them which put ScoutDI at the forefront of the industry”

Stein Hanssen

Senior Operations Coordinator

“The Scout 137 Drone System did a complete visual inspection of a tank on one of our FPSOs – avoiding use of climbers. We really like the way inspection data is geo-tagged and presented in the Scout Portal”

Halvard Benjaminsen

Senior Control & Automation Engineer

“We want to be less intrusive, so class is not driving inspection regime, but that we are fitting into the regime to cut costs and be more efficient, and at the same time have better quality. “

Are Torstensen

Director of Technology and Service Development

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APPLUS+ inspects cargo tank using Scout 137 Drone System

APPLUS+ inspects cargo tank using Scout 137 Drone System

Unlimited flight-time provides optimum working conditions and maximizes safety, efficiency and data quality 👍 Executive Summary APPLUS+ has performed visual inspection of a very large (> 20 000 m3) cargo tank for a global oil & gas major, using the Scout 137 Drone System from ScoutDI....

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Live inspection streaming via your mobile phone

Live inspection streaming via your mobile phone

Live inspection streaming to the Scout Portal is one of the stand-out features of our end-to-end inspection data solution, and the Scout 137 Ground Station has an Ethernet connector for this purpose. But a wired internet connection may not be directly available on-site. Then it's good to know you...

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