Scout 137 Drone System

An integrated tethered drone system with unlimited flight time, LiDAR based indoor navigation and real-time position tagging of inspection data.

The Scout 137 Drone System has been specifically designed to give you control, coverage, and situational awareness for your confined space inspection activities. The LiDAR-based navigation system enables safe and user-friendly inspection flights in confined spaces.

Confined-space inspections often imply GPS-denied environments, which is why the Scout 137 Drone System has been designed with Lidar-based positioning instead of GPS.

The tether system provides stress-free inspections with unlimited flight time as well as a robust data link that can stream high quality inspection data in real-time to a remote location.

Scout 137 drone

Scout 137 drone

The Scout 137 drone is uniquely designed for inspection of dark, confined spaces.

The drone tether system provides power to the drone and allows stress-free inspection with no limitations on flight time. It provides a robust optical data link, where location-tagged inspection data flows back to the ground station and can further be streamed live to the Scout Portal, when an internet connection is provided.

Often flying in GPS-denied environments, the Scout 137 has an onboard 3D LiDAR in stead of a GPS. The Lidar serves as the perfect data source for the drone’s indoor positioning while also providing a useful visual support to the drone operator: The powerful onboard computer crunches the Lidar data and creates a point cloud that is updated in real-time and serves as a 3D map of the environment.

To the drone operator, this point cloud is displayed on the Scout tablet along with the camera feed while the drone is active. This 3D map provides crucial visual support that is key to understanding the situation inside the space where the drone is flying. Even without line-of-sight to the drone. The operator can zoom, pan and rotate the map to view it from any angle. The drone also uses the Lidar data, along with data from the vertical lasers, to feed its positioning system as well as powerful object detection and anti-collision system. This protects the integrity of the drone and provides an even better experience to the operator.

The 4K camera is mounted on a 2-axis stabilized gimbal that can tilt the camera +/-90 in order to capture video footage from floors and ceilings and everything in between. Six (6) powerful LED lights provide up to 10,000 lumens of light for inspection of dark, confined spaces. The lights can be individually dimmed and different light configurations can be toggled via the drone controller. For example, this can be useful to enhance the visibility of cracks and small surface defects.

All in all, the Scout 137 drone is designed for inspections in dangerous dark environments with low accessibility and poor visibility. It is easy to fly, and provides location-tagged inspection data that is useful both on-site and for a remote audience.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions, drone 560×380×280 mm (L×W×H)
Dimensions, transport case 595×446×337 mm (L×W×H), regular checked baggage
Weight 3.2 kg
Camera resolution 4K video, 3840 x 2160 @ 30 fps
Lighting Intensity More than 10,000 lumens
Camera Gimbal 2-axis stabilized, ± 90° pitch
Tether Length 40 m

560×380×280 mm (L×W×H)

Dimensions (transport case):
595×446×337 mm (L×W×H)

3.2 kg

Lighting Intensity:
Up to 10,000 lumens

Camera Gimbal:
2-axis stabilised, ± 90° pitch

Tether Length:
40 m

Ground control app

Ground Control App

Rugged tablet with the Scout ground control app.

The app provides full control of the drone’s systems. The video data from the camera as well as the 3D map from the LiDAR are displayed in real time, and the user can register inspection findings that are tagged with time and location.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 170×243.5×9.9 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 653 g
Ingress Protection Rating IP68
Display 1920 × 1200 (10.1 inches)
Battery Up to 15 hours, removable

170×243.5×9.9 mm (L×W×H)

653 g

Ingress Protection Rating:

1920 × 1200 (10.1 inches)

Up to 15 hours, removable

Drone controller

Drone controller

The drone is controlled through a Raiju controller.

The controller can be connected to the tablet either through Bluetooth, or using a fully wired USB connection. Due to the navigational aids built into the drone system, flight controls have been simplified for ease of operation.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 125×159.4×66 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 306 g
Battery Up to 23 hours

125×159.4×66 mm (L×W×H)

306 g

Up to 23 hours

Ground station

Ground station

The ground station is used to transmit power to the drone system.

The ground station would be powered by an external source such as grid power if available, or a generator when operating in austere locations. The ground station can also be connected to the internet to allow for live streaming of the inspection flight data through the Scout Portal.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 521×389×257 mm (L×W×H)
Weight 18.5 kg
Input Voltage 180 – 264 V AC
Ingress Protection Rating IP53

521×389×257 mm (L×W×H)

18.5 kg

Input Voltage:
180 – 264 V AC

Ingress Protection Rating:

Scout 137 Drone
Ground Control App
Drone controller
Ground station

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