ScoutDI is happy to announce the launch of our Scout 137 Demo Program.

We will provide you with following products for 2 weeks for you to carry out evaluation and proof of concept activities:

  • Scout 137 Drone System – An integrated drone system with unique capabilities for unlimited flight time, lidar based indoor navigation and real-time position tagging of inspection data. Find out more about the Scout 137 Drone System here.
  • Scout Portal – the premier tool for the live-streaming, visualization, analysis, and storage of your visual inspection data from the Scout 137 drone system. It is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform which means it is accessible anywhere an internet connection is available. Find out more about the Scout Portal here.

You will also have access to the following ScoutDI services as part of the demo:

  • Training – our virtual training package will get your up to speed on the use of the drone system.
  • Remote Support – our dedicated technical support teams will be available to assist.

If you would like to order demo equipment or find out more information, please use our Contact Sales form on this website, or email us at